How To Replace The Battery In A Seiko Solar Watch

  1. Buy the correct battery size
  2. Place the watch on a stable surface
  3. Remove the back portion cover
  4. Locate the battery
  5. Insert the new battery
  6. Lubricate the waterproof gasket
  7. Readjust the time and date
  8. Inquire to an authorized Seiko dealer if not fixed
  9. Research other solutions

Battery degradation is inevitable to any electronic product, especially when used for a long time, and watch batteries are no exception. Therefore, battery replacement is necessary to maximize usage and ensure the reliable performance of watches over time.

Battery Replacement In A Seiko Solar Watch

Any watch would eventually stop working correctly, indicating battery replacement. Not many people know how to replace the battery for a Seiko solar watch. This article will teach you how to do this.  

Step 1

Determine the specifications of your watch battery for the replacement to ensure compatibility. You can purchase a Seiko solar watch battery online. Alternatively, you can buy from local stores such as Target, Walmart, or most pharmacies.

If you don’t know the battery size in advance, perform all the steps to remove, then purchase the correct replacement after checking the old battery. I’ve had to do this with not only Seiko solar but also my Tag Heuer quartz watches.

Step 2

Place the watch on a stable and soft surface (e.g., microfiber cloth) to prevent it from being scratched during the replacement process.

Step 3

Remove the watch’s back cover using a watch caseback removal tool (best) or by turning it with a suction cup or gripping rubber mat. Some casebacks are screwed on, making removal easier.

Step 4

Locate the battery, and make note of its orientation. I usually take a photo for use in later years. Remove the battery using a plastic pick or even a toothpick. Guitar picks also work well. Take note of any retention plate or spring. Some batteries can be removed with your fingers. 

Step 5

Insert the new rechargeable battery into the case in the correct orientation. Please press down the inserted battery to ensure it is in the correct position. Reposition any retention hardware.

Step 6

Add a small amount of grease to the old rubber gasket if it looks intact, and push it back into position. Then place the caseback in position and screw it down tightly using opposite method for removal.

Step 7 

You may now readjust the time and date of your watch by pulling the crown. Upon making the necessary adjustments, push back the crown to its original position.

Step 8 

Expose the watch to sun or bright light for several hours, and then check accuracy over the next several days. If there are persistent problems, you likely need to take the watch to your nearest Seiko retailer or ship it to Seiko for repair and service.

Which Tools Are Required For Wristwatch Battery Replacement?

Watches are delicate items, so you need to handle them with care. Hence, there are suitable tools when replacing a battery on watches, namely:

  • Plastic tweezers
  • Case back removal tool
  • Fiberglass scratch brush
  • Spring bar tool
  • Small Philips and Flat screwdrivers
  • Flat separator tool (or even a guitar pick)

I have also used some of the tools found in cell phone repair kits on Amazon. The small screwdrivers and flat tools work well with watch backs and gasket seals.

How Do Seiko Solar Watches Work?

Solar-powered watches get their energy from sunlight to function. When exposed to sunlight, you can expect these watches to be fully charged after 3 hours. They can also acquire energy from artificial light bulbs and indirect sunlight.

A major advantage of solar watches is their capability to charge all the time, using reserved power only at night. However, consistent recharging of a solar watch battery would eventually lead to deterioration over time, as with all rechargeable batteries.

Furthermore, proper storage is necessary for this type of watch to ensure quality performance. It would be best to store solar Seiko watches in places with available light for them to charge.

Since I wear my Seiko solar diver and my solar chronograph for different uses, storing them face down in a dark box preserves the battery reserve power between uses and increases battery life.

How Long Does A Seiko Solar Watch Battery Last?

The features of Seiko solar watches characterize them as reliable and long-lasting. You can use this type of watch and expect it to last for 8-10 years with no battery replacement, provided the watch is always properly stored (i.e., constantly exposed to light). (source)

Additionally, using a solar watch promotes an environmentally friendly initiative. In particular, the risk of polluting the environment is reduced due to its long-lasting nature.

Maintaining a Seiko solar watch is free. Hence, you can expect to no longer replace and modify the battery for quite some time if you handle the watch properly.

What Battery Type Is In A Seiko Solar Watch?

A Seiko solar watch uses a secondary battery type instead of a primary/normal battery (i.e., primary batteries are often used in watches). The main difference between the two is recharging ability. Only secondary battery types could recharge. (source)

Furthermore, the differences between the two battery types are indicated in the table below. 

VariablesSecondary batteriesPrimary batteries
ReactionReversible reactions occurIrreversible reactions occur
Potential number of times to be usedMore than once through rechargingOnly once and can only be used when active materials are still present
ApplicationOften used in electronic equipment, cameras, laptops, flashlights, automobiles, etc. Commonly used in portable devices, watches, radios, transistors, etc. 
Self-discharge ratesHigherLower
Initial costHigherLower
Life cycle costLowerIn need of periodic charging and maintenanceHigherDisposable as it cannot be recharged
ExamplesLead storage batteryNickel-cadmium battery Lithium Ion CellLeclanche cellDry cellLithium cell
RechargingReusable or rechargeableUnable to recharge and reuse

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery?

Battery replacement for a Seiko watch could cost $15-$20. However, the prices might vary according to watch type, brand name, and manufacturer. 

Still, replacing the battery of a Seiko solar watch by yourself will save on service and shipping fees, which can be steep for a simple battery change.

Can A Seiko Solar Watch Be Repaired?

Seiko solar watches can be repaired. However, repairing could cost similar to purchasing a new solar watch. It would be best to handle Seiko solar watches according to the provided user’s manual. However, if damage does occur, you’ll have to compare cost of repair to cost of replacement to decide what is best.

What Are Other Potential Problems With A Seiko Solar Watch? 

There are potential problems commonly encountered in a Seiko solar watch other than battery deterioration. Interestingly, you may address these problems before consulting with a professional for repair and save you some money. 

Watch Overheating

Solar watches can overheat if left in direct sunlight for long periods, or during hot summer days and in southern regions of the US.

When this occurs, move the watch indoors and let the heat dissipate gradually. Don’t try to rapidly cool the watch, or you may damage it.

Incorrect Time Indication

When there’s an incorrect time indication, the solar watch may not have been fully charged or not charged at all. Try to recharge again, and it should start correctly. Manual winding also works. If this can’t be corrected, the watch may need service or repair by manufacturer.

Delicate Components

Some Seiko solar watches are sensitive to contact, and you need to be extra careful handling them. They tend to cost more than other brands of watches. 

Dropping or scratching the watch by accident can break the crystal mineral glass component of the watch. But the Seiko “tool” watches are built more sturdy to withstand harsher treatment.

Prone To Stuck Dirt

The watch can quickly get dirt on it. Try gently cleaning it with a soft brush when it gets dirty. You may also opt to use a watch cleaner; it is best to use it in the morning and before bed. Whenever a Seiko solar watch gets too dirty, it could stop functioning. 

It is best to clean the watch crystal, and you would need to soak this in warm water for approximately 10 minutes. Before soaking, check the water resistance rating. Removing the crystal from the strap is best. After that, gently remove both parts from the water and shake. Ensure to dry both parts before putting them back together.

Some people use toothpaste to clean watch case and metal bracelet. I have not used this method. If you choose to do this, make sure there is no abrasive material in the toothpaste.

What are the current developments on Seiko Solar Watches?

Seiko was the pioneering company to feature solar watches in 1978. Consequently, solar watches peaked in popularity, and other manufacturers produced various solar watches in the market.

Currently, Seiko has various wristwatch products for men and women. The company is a leading watch brand that comes in different designs and shapes. Further, the dial case structure of their watches is unique to the Japanese company. Interestingly, current Seiko solar watches come in analog, digital, and combination displays.

There are Seiko solar watches made for many uses. Some are daily wear watches for general use. Others are dress watches for wearing in formal settings, work, or social events. Then there are the tool watches, which you can wear for SCUBA diving, free diving, hiking, climbing, and a lot more.


The Seiko solar watch is convenient due to its solar charging capabilities. Seiko solar watch batteries may last up to 8-10 years, and there is no need to regularly replace the battery on this watch if you handle it properly.

Despite being an excellent watch, it is still experiences natural battery deterioration requiring eventual replacement. This can be done quickly and easily with a few simple tools. Hopefully this article has given you the confidence to become a DIY’er and save money on the battery change.

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