About Us

The goal of Alt Energy Options is to supply the reader with information on the many products available to power their vacations, camping trips, boating outings, tailgating and all other outdoor activities. We plan on covering home solar, wind and the rapidly changing landscape of batteries as primary and backup power sources for home and travel.

We will also explain how alternative energy options work, why they can be the best choice in many cases, and offer our selected list of some of the best products available. The technology developments are progressing rapidly. We’ll help you keep up with all the latest advances.

My daughter recently graduated from college with a degree in Architecture with an interest in optimizing commercial interior spaces to maximize eco-friendly environmental factors like heating and cooling. Her significant other has his degree in Environmental Science with an interest in minimizing the geological impact from energy generation. So I’ll be using them as resources as my wife and I dig deeper into alternate energy and the expected rapid progress on the near horizon.

Home alternative energy is a broad topic. In addition to all of the solar options available, wind power is now becoming a viable option for powering your entire home. And smaller wind generators are coming to market for RV’s as well.

Whether you want to go completely off the grid and power your whole home or just some accessories like outdoor lights, security cameras, or backyard grills, we’ll have you covered. Like most experts predict, I think the next 10 years will see a rapid progression to the use of cleaner energy sources on both small and large scales.

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