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Solar Survival Kits: What They Are, And Do You Need One?

Are you wondering if you need a solar survival kit? You never know when an emergency will happen, and electricity is essential to many activities. Solar survival kits can be handy in case of a long-term blackout and unpredicted events that leave you without electricity. 

A solar survival kit is a collection of solar charging items that will be instrumental to your survival and well-being if there is no electricity. Solar panel, controller and battery are necessities, and lights, water heater, stove, and cell phone should be included. Add other items if you have space.

But, with technology becoming better every year, there are tons of improved functionalities and things you can do with solar charging products. 

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Unfortunately, you may miss out on what you can do with it and all the potential benefits. This article will find all that you need to know about solar survival kits.

What Is A Solar Survival Kit? 

A solar survival kit is a collection of solar charging items that will be instrumental to your survival and well-being if there is no electricity. 

Each item is generally instrumental in getting through an emergency by covering the basic needs, such as communications, the possibility to charge mobile devices, cooking, having lights available when dark, and getting clean water. 

Here are some of the everyday items you should get into a solar survival kit (all solar charging items):

  • Solar-powered panels
  • radio, generators
  • Flashlights
  • Lanterns
  • Cookers
  • Hot shower
  • Water purifier 

But, such products are also an excellent resource for camping, hiking, or spending some time traveling around the world. 

Solar kit concept – all components

How Does A Solar Kit Work?

Solar kits, or better the items composing it, are equipped with solar cells that collect the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity or have the ability to store it in batteries. 

The technology behind it is based on the principle of using photovoltaic panels (PV) or mirrors that can concentrate solar radiation ( solar thermal collectors). 

Most common solar technology uses photovoltaic and solar-thermal systems able to generate electricity from sunlight through semiconductors. 

Semiconductors are materials that can produce electricity when coming in contact with solar photons. In fact, solar photons can excite electrons in the material they come in contact with and put them in motion. 

Solar thermal collectors use mirrors to absorb the sun’s heat and concentrate it. The purpose is to transfer it to a liquid that you can transport to produce electricity. 

There are several advantages to using solar energy:

  • It never runs out
  • It doesn’t cost anything
  • It is renewable
  • Non-toxics 
  • Low maintenance required
  • Adaptable for portable devices

Most Important Solar Emergency Equipment To Have

What should you put into your solar survival kit? While there are tons of items one could consider, some are more essential than others. Here is a list of things you should consider having:

1. Foldable Solar Panels

You can find foldable solar panels in many versions. For example, you can have small panels that allow you to generate electricity to charge small devices or get medium-size or more advanced types of panels.

Most foldable panels can fit into a car or carry by hand. It is good to have panels to collect enough electricity from charging batteries to power essential devices. These might include phones, laptops, electric stoves, water heaters, and similar devices. 

They are a good solution for camping or outdoor life if you do not want to give up cell phones and other electrical devices. Typically, solar panels go together with generators built to store electricity coming from solar panels. 

2. Solar Powered Generator

A solar-powered generator is essential. Solar panels generate the power from the sun and convert it into electricity stored in the generator. With a generator, you can run many devices, including house appliances. 

A good quality generator that has the following characteristics: 

Wattage1000 watts
Voltage110 Volts
Output Wattage1000 Watts

It can be beneficial and allow you to do the following:

  • Phone charging: 100 charges
  • Drone: 17 charges
  • Laptop: 8 charges
  • Light: around: 76h 
  • Fan: 57h
  • Blender: 13h
  • TV: 13h
  • Coffee maker: 50 minutes

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is an excellent choice to power all of these.

3. Solar Powered Lantern

Solar-powered lanterns do not depend on generators or solar panels to charge. Therefore, it is another essential item to be sure to never stay in the dark when you go out camping or in your house in case of a power outage. 

You can place the lantern in the sunlight during the day and have it ready to use at night. Some of the modern solar lanterns can also act as mobile chargers.

4. Solar Powered Radio 

An emergency radio can be necessary to stay informed of what is going on during an emergency. It is also essential that it does not depend on electricity. 

If you are going through a storm, a radio can be instrumental in getting the latest weather forecast and directions from the authorities.

5. Solar Heated Shower 

In case of an emergency during winter, you still want to have hot water to shower. You can find solar-heated showers with a capacity between 2.5 and 10 gallons. You can heat the water by exposing the bag to the sun. 

6. Solar Cooker

If you want to have warm meals without electricity, you can consider adding a solar cooker to your kit. There are several types and sizes available. Some are portable. Some are big and can fit into someone’s garden or courtyard. 

The portable ones are lightweight, and you can transport them reasonably easily with a backpack. You can find advanced models if you want to have a large solar cooker for barbeques or family meals. They are good items for a survival kit because they require no fire and are generally safe. 

The GoSun cooker below is considered one of the best out there. It has been around longer than most, so the bugs have been worked out.

7. Solar Oven 

A solar over is a foldable insulated bag that will catch and bounce sun rays off the oven’s walls. It creates a contained heat that creates the effect of a regular oven. Some solar ovens can reach a temperature as high as over 200 degrees. 

It doesn’t depend on anything other than the sunlight, and it is perfect for cooking small portions of food. Some types of solar ovens allow more significant amounts of food and are suitable for families. 

It is a perfect time to have a survival kit because you do not need fire, electricity and it is generally safe. But, you can also use it to purify water if you need it.

Are Solar Kits Worth It?

Solar kits are worth the investment. Emergencies can always happen, and when they come, you do not want to be unprepared. Solar items can last for a long time and thus a good investment and are handy in moments you don’t expect. 

In addition, if you are traveling a lot and do not always have access to electricity, solar-powered items become very useful.

If you’d rather not mix and match items, you can buy an all-in-one solar kit to power your accessories. The kit you choose will depend on how much power you need for your particular setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What objects are powered by solar power?

Solar energy powers a lot of objects today. For example, watches, calculators, keyboards, street lights, lamps, mobile phone chargers, fans, and even cars can be solar-powered. In addition, houses with solar panels can use solar energy to power all house appliances.

What appliances can run off solar?

Most house appliances can run on solar, such as washing machines, driers, dishwashers, air conditioning, microwaves, cooktops, toasters, coffee makers, and other small electric appliances. 

Can you live entirely on solar power?

It is possible to live entirely on solar power; however, the initial costs to set that up are considerable. 

But, considering the utility costs one will spend during a lifetime, or even the next 10-20 years, investing in a solar system can still be more convenient. 



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